In the project After Socialist Modernism, we examine how ideas of urban planners and architects of the last decade of the USSR have shaped and continue to shape the city we are inhabiting today. This online platform showcases the architecture and planning projects of the 1980s, functions as an archive of public events, conferences and publications.

We select projects that accentuate the most interesting accomplishments of the time, present radical and extraordinary approaches to the built environment, landscape, and historical heritage. Via the new processes of planning and construction that have taken ground at that time, we trace the continuities and ruptures in the professional sphere. And by expanding the discussion towards adjoining disciplines such as art, history, and social sciences we aim to broaden our contemporary understanding of urban history and its possible futures.

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Public Program


Rosenberg blocks: the challenge to Modernism

December 19th

Why aren’t the outcome of architectural competitions realized?

December 12th

Troieschyna, Borshchahivka, Obolon: housing estates of the 1980s

November 28th

(Post)modernism in Ukrainian SSR: the old block of Khreschatyk

November 21st

Text and urban criticism after Socialist Modernism

18th November

1500 years of Kyiv: invention of the new soviet chronotope

14th November



Globalizing the socialist architecture. New perspectives

Lucasz Stanek

After Socialist Modernism. Architecture, urban design and planning of the 1980-s

  • Localization of the Ukrainian projects within the wider context of the late Eastern Block urbanism
  • Evolving social and cultural context of late socialism as a background of new architectural approaches
  • Assessment of the value and significance of (post-/anti-)modernist socialist architectural theory and practices
  • Strategies and principles of conservation/reconstruction
  • Impact, representation and publicity of central urban projects of 1980-s in the contemporary city

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